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Comments Regarding US Army Corps of Engineers Permit 97-479-0004(5) for Section 401 Certification: Real America, Inc. marina development on Middle Bass Island, Ohio.


Thank you for the opportunity to comment regarding the above-referenced application for the development of a recreational boat marina and ferry dock on Middle Bass Island by Real America, Inc. for the St. Hazard's Resort. It is my understanding that in June of 2000, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) met with the applicant and was poised to deny the application. The applicant asked that denial be withheld in favor of the applicant putting the application on hold through the US Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District. The applicant then re-instituted the application in July of 2000 and the review process began again.


We ask that the OEPA note three major aspects to the proposed development: The applicant did not change the project within a month's time such that less degradation to the environment will occur thus making the original concerns by the OEPA still valid; the US Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District projections for long-term Great Lakes water levels indicate that the current low-water conditions will continue thus making a new marina development along the east side of Middle Bass even far less feasible without the inclusion of very expensive mechanical dredging; and there are serious concerns about the financial viability of the applicant such that construction will be disbanded before completion of the project thus unnecessarily degrading the environment of the surrounding area and habitat of native species.


You may also be aware that the State of Ohio purchased 123 acres of property on Middle Bass Island which includes waterfront, open lands and a recreational boat marina. The State has already invested in new floating docks for the marina and has intentions to expand the site to accommodate more boats. There are also three other marina sites on Middle Bass. The applicant commented in his application that weekend congestion warranted development of a new marina. However, there are essentially 15 weekends during a summer season or 30 days during which there may be enough demand (weather and the economy willing) to outweigh the availability -not taking into account the State proposal to increase existing space at the existing state marina. Why demolish a beautiful, pristine site on the island to accommodate one person without justification?


I am strongly opposed to Section 201 certification for the marina, ferry dock and condominium development for St. Hazard's Resort. Thank you for the opportunity to comment under the Public Notice dated July 27, 2001. Please add my name to the mailing list for this project.


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