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February 13, 2004


Hawaiian Luau on the Ice

Revival of the 1981 Luau on the Ice (see newspaper clipping)


There's an ice party every year at which South Bass, Middle Bass and North Bass people all get together. This year it was a luau, in celebration of the famous 1981 luau on the ice (see newspaper clipping below). Attendance was great, and the weather cooperated. The strong west wind that had been blowing earlier let up a bit just as things got under way. The location, which was originally intended to be on the ice just off Sonny Schneider's house on the west end, was changed at the last minute to be at St. Hazard's beach on the east shore.


Note 1: To view the newspaper clipping or the large panorama full-size, put your cursor in the large image that appears after you click on the icon below, and then click on the icon that appears in the lower right-hand corner of the full-page picture. By default, the image may initially appear only large enough to fill your screen.


Note 2: If you'd like your name added to (or removed from) the caption of a picture below, or if you were at the party and would like a CD with high quality copies of the pictures, send an email to webmaster@middlebass.org.


Story about the 1981 Luau

Accessing the Ice from St. Hazard's Beach

The barbecue on the ice

The hammock between the palms, with Ballast Island in the background

The new condos look almost completed

Dale Burris' Model T ice car, with his son-in-law Matt Cadez on the right and Matt's baby boy on the left

Matt Cadez and Robin Burris-Cadez of North Bass with their new baby

Jean Gora of Middle Bass and Susie Cooper of Put-in-Bay

Jean and Mike Gora (your webmaster) of Middle Bass

Susie and Glen Cooper of Put-in-Bay on the left (Glen is the Miller Ferry captain on the Middle Bass route)

Susie and Glen Cooper

Fresh venison being served

The food table, Hawaiian style, before the entrees were brought out

Another view of the food table

The ladies in their hula skirts

Another picture of the ladies

The ladies' room had an ice sculpture in front identifying it

Panorama of the event, small version

Panorama, large version (312kb)

The men with their leis

A few more hula skirts and leis on display

The pig being carved, with Arthur Wolf of Middle Bass in the yellow jacket and red hat, and his mother Marge on his right

The pig roast and the rest of the hot food

There was a long line waiting for this roast. The pork was perfect and if you also liked crunchy pig skin, this was the place to get it.

Shortly after I posted the pictures, this suggestion arrived for the picture in an "I survived the Middle Bass Luau" T-shirt.



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