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(The following section pulls recent press from the wires if it contains the phrases "Middle Bass", "Port Clinton",  "Put-in-Bay" or "Lake Erie Islands".)


The Middle Bass Island News Archives top


- 01/28/05      $7.59 Million in Budget for Middle Bass Island State Park

- 08/20/04      Put-in-Bay GI Illness also Reported on Middle Bass

- 08/06/04      $150,000 Grant for Middle Bass Island Airport

- 06/27/04      Middle Bass Real Estate Prices rise less than on nearby islands

- 06/25/04      State Unveils Plans for Middle Bass Marina

- 06/19/04      Water quality impacts of Middle Bass Island project topic of public hearing

- 06/04/04      Teen Charged in Vandalism on Middle Bass

- 05/27/04      Teen charged with Middle Bass Vandalism

- 05/26/04      Island residents' fast action nabs vandalism suspects

- 05/18/04      Middle Bass Zoning News

- 04/23/04      State Acquires 17 Acres of Middle Bass for Marina Expansion

- 04/12/04      Water snake project among those funded

- 02/16/04      Eagles land on Middle Bass

- 01/23/04      State park plan behind schedule

- 11/07/03      Kathryn L. Schneider and Lawrence Sheller elected to Middle Bass Local Board of Education

- 10/31/03      Write-ins for island races

- 10/25/03      North Bass: North Bass Island -- changes loom for tiny, isolated community

- 10/23/03      Two levies on Middle Bass ballot

- 09/30/03      Lake Erie field guide in the works

- 09/26/03      ODNR's stand on shoreline land ownership explained

- 09/23/03      Fed's OK plan to save water snakes

- 09/22/03      Snakes don't rattle 7-year-old

- 09/10/03      Judge Awards MB Land to PIB Port Authority

- 08/28/03      Sugar Island: Partially submerged boat found at Sugar Is.

- 08/27/03      Former Tin Goose Pilot Harold Hauck Dies - Also View Eulogies

- 08/22/03      Middle Bass School Board Ballot for Nov. 4 Election

- 08/18/03      Rattlesnake Island: Woman slips, drowns on Rattlesnake

- 07/29/03      Judge rules Put-in-Bay airport board entitled to small parcel of land on Middle Bass

- 07/28/03      Offerings still slim at newest state park

- 07/12/03      First suit filed in winery collapse is refiled

- 06/27/03      Man found guilty in island accident that killed 2

- 06/27/03      Man guilty in island traffic death case

- 06/27/03      Driver pleads no contest in double fatal

- 06/24/03      Plea change due in Middle Bass fatalities

- 06/19/03      $1M eyed to save rare snakes

- 06/14/03      $3M lawsuit filed over fatal crash

- 06/14/03      Father of motorcyclist killed in crash sues

- 06/11/03      Snakes Alive! And keeping them that way

- 06/04/03      Nearly all civil suits against Lonz Winery have been settled

- 05/11/03      Budget Constraints Snag State Park Plans

- 05/10/03      Jury Awards $550,000 in Lonz Suit

- 05/06/03      Island Work Put on Hold

- 05/02/03      Woman claims she lost her job because of Lonz Winery collapse

- 04/30/03      Civil Trial Starts in Sandusky for Woman Injured in Lonz Accident

- 03/21/03      Lonz Winery tragedy re-enactment hits home

- 03/14/03      Rescuers get another look at Lonz Disaster

- 03/12/03      Cable TV re-enacts collapse at winery

- 03/12/03      Discovery Channel recreates rescue at Lonz Winery patio collapse

- 02/17/03      Federal spending bill has millions for Ohio. incl. $5000,000 for Middle Bass

- 02/15/03      Island doesn't 'roll up' in winter (About South Bass, but also applies to Middle Bass) 

- 02/11/03      20 Ice Anglers Rescued on Lake Erie  

- 02/09/03      City on Ice  

- 02/07/03      Put-in-Bay Ferries Could Face Security Checks  

- 01/30/03      Burned-out restaurant being rebuilt  

- 11/05/02      Grant clears path for stalled airport project  

- 10/21/02      Blaze destroys eatery on Middle Bass Island  

- 10/21/02      Island restaurant total loss  

- 10/21/02      Fire Destroys Only Restaurant On Island  

- 10/21/02      Fire levels a popular Middle Bass restaurant  

- 10/16/02      Pair divided on key issues in House race  

- 08/01/02      Trio is 'lucky' to be alive  

- 06/23/02      Islanders worry airstrip delays could isolate them  

- 06/19/02      Boating death investigation points to possible murder  

- 06/19/02      Man who died in lake was intoxicated, tests show  

- 06/15/02      State starting work at Lake Erie island park  

- 06/14/02      Middle Bass park's perks worth wait, state says  

- 06/04/02      Body of Missing Boater Found Off Middle Bass Island   

- 05/17/02      Charges filed in Middle Bass crash that puzzled investigators  

- 05/16/02      Charges Finally Filed in June, 2001 Hit and Run  

- 03/30/02      Police keep the peace on "party island"  

- 03/12/02      Lonz Winery Trial Delayed Until April  

- 01/16/02      Ohio has now received over $1.8 Million for Middle Bass Island Marina  

- 01/15/02      MBI State Park to receive $861,383 to expand marina  

- 12/15/01      Twenty more people suing over Lonz Winery collapse

- 12/15/01      Tiffin woman's case to represent consolidated Lonz Winery suits

- 11/15/01      Lonz Winery wrongful death suit is settled

- 11/02/01      3 firms to offer winter flights to Lake Erie Isles

- 09/25/01      (Middle Bass Mentioned in the Congressional Record) (see item EC-3703)

- 09/07/01      Toledo to have say on Middle Bass

- 08/27/01      South Bass (and Middle Bass) history to be on display, and for sale

- 08/23/01      Study aims to follow Lake Erie water snake

- 08/20/01      Islands must plan for loss of air service, mayor says

- 08/10/01      ODNR should hear all Ohioans

- 07/27/01      A trip to the new state docks at Middle Bass Island

- 07/21/01      State Park Planned for Middle Bass

- 07/21/01      Winery to be Core of Park on Island

- 07/20/01      Taft says he wants family-oriented state park at Middle Bass Island

- 07/20/01      Taft Wants New Park on Middle Bass Island Audio from Ohio Public Radio 

- 07/06/01      Our former Victory ferry, now in Toledo, goes on a Jazz Cruise

- 07/02/01      Lonz Winery survivors reunite to share the joy, pain

- 07/02/01      Rescued and rescuers gather to recall winery terrace collapse

- 07/02/01      Columbus man, 39, called driver in crash fatal to 2

- 06/28/01      Driver who hit and killed two on island is found, police say

- 06/28/01      Patrol Probes Middle Bass Road Fatalities

- 06/27/01      Tourists' Island Visit Turns into Tragedy

- 06/26/01      Island Crash Kills Two

- 06/24/01      Survivors scarred by winery collapse

- 06/21/01      Summer Visitors to Middle Bass Island Will See a State Park Under Development

- 04/28/01      Lonz Tragedy Victims to Meet

- 04/28/01      Winery Cave-In Victims to Reunite

- 04/13/01      Judge Refuses to Merge Lonz Winery Lawsuits

- 03/01/01      Special plates put nature in the driver's seat - Kuehnle Wildlife Area Mention

- 02/19/01      Letter to Island Residents from the Middle Bass Landowners' Association 

- 02/15/01      Deaths on ice reinforce idea that no ice is safe  

- 02/09/01      Drowning Deaths Shock Shreve Families (Also search on this site for the 1986 Middle Bass ice accident; we can't link to it directly. But a warning: as of 2003, neither of these articles is free anymore. You'll have to register and pay to view them.)  

- 02/08/01      Fishing pals died the way 'they would have wanted'

- 02/08/01      Friends Mourn Loss of Seasonal resident

- 02/07/01      3 Men Go Through the Ice off Middle Bass and Die

- 02/06/01      Ottawa County Sheriff's Report on the Ice Fishing Accident  

- Fall 2000      Franklin County Trial Lawyers - Commentary on Lonz Ambulance Chasers  

- 12/31/00      Toledo Area Top 10 Stories - Lonz Tragedy Follow-up  

- 12/25/00      State to develop Lonz site as first-class family park  

- 12/25/00      Survivors Still Trying to Heal  

- 12/21/00      Airstrip Gets Trial Run from Businesses - Middle Bass Field to be Done in Spring

- 11/29/00      Henry Mesenburg, Former Middle Bass Dockmaster, Dies

- 08/28/00      Middle Bass Island Folk Are Anxious

- 07/14/00      Lonz Winery Accident Affects Island Community  - With Audio Links

- 07/??/00      U.S. Coast Guard Report on the Lonz Tragedy  

- 07/03/00      Rescuers Recount Ohio Terrace Collapse

- 07/02/00      Probing For Answers

- 06/??/99      Gilligan Lands on Middle Bass

- 08/??/98      Middle Bass Residents Fear Overdevelopment Will Lessen Island's Ambiance

- 03/??/98      Hanck's Pond is Purchased  


Area Media News Links top



Akron Beacon Journal Archives (only listed because of Middle Bass news they have online)


Cleveland Plain Dealer


Port Clinton News Herald  


Put-In-Bay Gazette (no longer online)


Sandusky Register


Toledo Blade


WLEC AM 1450 Sandusky


The Beacon


The Fishwrapper


Our Favorite National and Global News Links top

Refdesk (Colin Powell's Home Page)




Other Old News/Information of Interest top


Middle Island Sale - 1999 Article


How many states have some land north of Canada's southernmost point?



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