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Sunrise on Middle Bass Looking East Towards Middle Island, Canada

Click for larger image

Taken October, 2000

for  sunrise pictures taken in June, 2003, click here


Welcome to Middle Bass on the Web. If this is your first time here, we suggest that you go to the Welcome page to get an introduction to the island, or to the Site Map for an overview of the pages on this site, which numbered about


130 pages as of March, 2001,


260 pages as of June, 2002 and


350 pages as of June, 2003.


One of the favorite destinations for visitors on the site is the Recent Photos page, which can be used to access a number of our favorite island pictures.


Many more pictures are available in the Island History section, although most of these are either from postcards or books. And for those of you who are fans of other nearby islands such as Rattlesnake, Ballast and Middle, don't miss the History and Pictures of Nearby Islands.


In addition to the pages on this site, many other sites can be accessed through the five links pages in the navigation menu on the left edge of the window.


Our Mission Statement:


The mission statement under which we have been operating is that our purpose is fourfold.


Discover, obtain, preserve, interpret, and display information and artifacts that help us understand Middle Bass Island's rich history.


Provide a place for residents and visitors to find current information about services, weather, people, activities and island news.


Provide a forum for people to discuss island issues, share island pictures, and generally contribute to a sense of island community.


Have a site that is family friendly as well as one that will never generate popup or pop-under ads.



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