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The Hanck/Tappe Home



The home originally built by John Hanck is one of the island homes sketched in the 1874 Hardesty Atlas of the islands and that drawing of the original home can be viewed here.


Located just north of the Bretz Winery, this home was abandoned in the 1970s and was finally torn down in the mid '90s. Those of us who remember it, know that the Tappes occupied it for most of the 20th century, so it is usually called the Tappe house. Note that in the 1930s view below, there is a "new" left wing on the house that is not in the 1874 view.


Bretz Horse in Front of the Tappe Home

Bretzes at the Tappe Barn

Walter Bretz in Front of the Tappe House

The Three Tappe Children, 1930s




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