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Dairy Air Information - June, 2004

For your information Dairy Air has been providing Commercial Airline Service to Middle Bass Island for over SIX YEARS!

If you receive this message, it's because your POWER is ON, and your PHONE works.  This is because Dairy Air regularly flies Ohio Edison and Verizon technicians to your island; and provides transportation to problem areas; and then waits for them.  We provide the most efficient way for them to travel, so they can meet their deadlines for service at other locations in Put-in-Bay, and on the Mainland.
If you are sitting in your air conditioned office, and you have plenty of hot water, and your toilet flushes; it may be because a technician from Rite-Way, in Fremont chose Dairy Air to fly to Middle Bass to service it.  If not; you may be drinking a nice cold pop, along with some ice cream you just picked up from Jerry's General Store.  Bill Rousch and his sons help to keep Jerry's stuff cold.  
When the Lonz Tragedy occurred, Sharon Weisenbach and Ron Manderbach responded immediately as trained EMS Technicians.  They received this training during the prior Fall and Winter Months at the EHOVE Vocational Training Center just North of Norwalk, Ohio.  Dairy Air provided all of the flights for them and the Put-in-Bay EMS between Middle Bass and Norwalk.  This required many take offs and landings at the Eastpointe Grass Airport in hazardous conditions.  
Griffing Flying Service and many other pilots are able to use the New Airport because Dairy Air has provided all of the flights for the Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority to support the engineering, construction, re-engineeriing, tree removal, and re-construction of the new airport.
Until last month, Dairy Air provided FedEx service to Middle Bass.  Many times this required THREE SPECIAL flights to make one delivery for $3.00.  Most packages were delivered to Middle Bass less than HALF a day after they showed up in Port Clinton.  I don't know what MBI residents are going to do for FedEx deliveries when the Miller stops running.  My guess is that they'll have to W--A--I--T for the first Miller Boat in the next Spring.
Dairy Air has reliably delivered prescriptions to Middle Bass, when requested, for a nominal fee.  When people and their animals are sick, I don't want to make people wait for medicine.  I cannot make 3 special flights for FREE.  Yet many people expect this.  I don't know why. 
bulletPeople Pay for their Doctors to write their prescriptions.
bulletThey Pay for the insurance to Pay for their Doctors and their prescriptions.
bulletThey Pay for the Pharmacist to dispense their prescriptions.
bulletThey Pay for the Drug Company to make the Drugs.
bulletThey Pay for the Drug Store to deliver the prescription to the Port Clinton Airport. 
Yet they expect it to magically appear on their remote island, when the weather is too bad for a boat to operate, FOR FREE!  I cannot provide FREE service.  And I won't disappoint people with the "idea" of "free" service for prescriptions "whenever" and "if" I feel like it; like my competitor.  
For Ice Fishing in the Winter, or for any other reason, Griffing Flying Service is NOT the ONLY way to get there!  Dairy Air and Monroe Aviation DELIVERED Ice Fishermen to Middle Bass Island last winter.  Tiffin Aire, from Tiffin, OH; and Crow Executive Aviation from Metcalf Field, near Toledo can also transport passengers to Middle Bass Airport.
Another REALLY NEAT WAY to get to MIDDLE BASS, or to get AWAY from Middle Bass, is to fly with DAIRY AIR!.
Dairy Air will fly passengers from Fremont and Port Clinton, Ohio; and Monroe and Grosse Ile, Michigan.  Better than that, Dairy AIR has low inter-island rates to PUT-IN-BAY!  Flights between PIB and MBI are only $25.00 per person (if fuel prices don't go much higher).  They are generally available at almost any time; except after dark. 
This is a good way to get a really GREAT VIEW of our beautiful Lake Erie Islands too!  And it gives your visitors "something else" to do during the week.  They can fly back and forth, or they can choose to fly over and take the Sonny S. Back.  Dairy Air is flexible and responsive to the needs of its customers.
People can call Dairy Air at: (419) 285-5057 if they are on the islands.
                                      or (419) 734-3149 if they are on the mainland.
                                      or (800) 647-0837 from anywhere else in the US. 
So now you know what you should know about DAIRY AIR.
Dairy Air Bob



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