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Snow and Ice on Lake Erie

February, 2007


pictures courtesy of Robin Burris-Cadez


The ice bridge from Middle Bass to Put-in-Bay was marked and safe for the first time this year on February 6. And the ice thickened rapidly after after that. So the Middle Bass folks were finally able to raid the grocery store on Put-in-Bay again.


On Feb. 11, according to Robin, "the ice is like glass, or as close as I've ever seen it. Driving (on the ice) in a car is okay but four wheelers are hard to keep straight and when the wind blows you have to drive almost sideways to go forward if not ending up in a donut. Slow is the name of the game if you're going to keep the machine under any sort of control. Basically more than 10mph leaves you at the mercy of both the wind and ice."


At 7PM on Feb. 13, a friend on Put-in-Bay wrote "We are under blizzard conditions right now with winds gusting at 35 mph and unending white outs.  Of course, no planes or air boats in or out.  Looks like it may stay that way for the next three days since the weatherman is telling us we haven't even seen the worst of it yet!  It's kind of nice being cut off........as long as we still have the Internet!"


For more ice pictures you can also see


Ice Fishing in 2003


Hawaiian Luau on the Ice in 2004


North Bass Chapel, Feb. 11

Glassy Ice in the Channel between North Bass and Middle Bass, Feb. 11

Cutting Through the Ice in the Channel, Feb. 11

The Minnow Stock, Feb. 11

Put-in-Bay Ice Party, Feb. 12





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