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Letter from the Landowners' Association to Island residents





January, 2001                    


Dear Fellow Island Residents:


As you know, a number of Middle Bass Island residents have formed a group to challenge a number of issues concerning RealAmerica's development of the property on Fox Road. We sent out letters a number of months ago and we felt it was time to update you on our progress.


We have enlisted the services of legal counsel in Columbus to assist us in seeing that RealAmerica is following all laws and regulations in the continued development of Hazards. Our legal counsel has done an excellent job in researching all aspects of the development and has represented us in hearing and petition situations. To date, the development of the second sewer plant for the condos has been challenged and the approval vacated because of some application irregularities. A hearing on this matter is scheduled in the near future. What this means is that the developer must now re-apply for this permit and we will be able, through the public hearing process and continued legal oversight, to follow this application to ensure all EPA, Federal, State and local laws are followed. Although the developer continues to build the condos, he is doing so at his own risk. We will continue to monitor all further development to ensure compliance with all regulations and with the excellent help of our counsel, we will have the legal backing and experience to ensure our voice is heard.


As you are aware, our legal help comes with a cost. Many of you have donated to this cause, and we do appreciate it. We ask that you consider donating to help defray some of the costs of this excellent legal assistance, without which we could not be effective. Please consider giving what you can. Our efforts must continue, as we have been very successful since we have retained legal help.


Please be aware that we are not out to punish or unduly harm this developer. All we want to do is ensure that all regulations and laws are followed similar to those that we must follow in our activities. We all know that Middle Bass will continue to undergo changes. We are attempting to see that these changes are made with the best interests of all Middle Bass residents taken into account. With your continued help, we will be successful in seeing that the development of Middle Bass is done with all of us in mind.


Thank you for your continued support and we will keep you informed of our progress.


Please send your donation to:


            Joan E. Copeland

            Middle Bass Legal Fund 

            4330 E. Cliff Road

            Catawba Island-

            Port Clinton, Ohio 43452



Best Regards,

Joan E. Copeland,

Middle Bass Landowners Association




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