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Pictures of the Nor'easter - The Remnants of Hurricane Frances


September 8-9, 2004


We went out about 3PM to take a few pictures of the waves rated at 7-10 feet. The wind was gusting up to about 35 knots. Later in the evening, We wanted to go to a zoning meeting at the Town Hall to hear about the condos planned for the Johnstons' Cottages area, but it was cancelled because no one could come over from Put-in-Bay. The meeting is re-scheduled for 7PM next Wednesday 9/15.


The water went up another foot or two between 5PM and 11PM but then started dropping rapidly. There was no significant flooding anywhere on the island.


All the pictures except the last are from Sept. 8. The last picture was taken at 7:49PM on September 9, the day after the storm. Every once on awhile, a picture comes out just right. This one will probably replace the sunset picture I had planned for the new 2005 Middle Bass calendar, which should be available in October on the web site.


Schoolhouse Bay near the end of the runway

The Burgundy Bay Marina stayed calm, but the water was very high

The geese preferred the East Point runway to the water

Views from East Point towards the buoy at the end of the reef

A Heron at Schmidlin's Marina

The Night After the Storm, at Burgundy Bay





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