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Lake Erie Islanders: James Ellithorpe of Catawba


Sketches from the 1917 History of Northwest Ohio 

(reference 4a in the Bibliography)

JAMES ELLITHORPE. Two of the first families to be represented in the citizenship of Catawba Island were the Ellithorpes and Tilliotsons. These early pioneers were Henry Ellithorpe and Richard Tilliotson, who were of English and Scotch ancestry and came from Kelleys Island to Catawba Island. When they arrived only three or four other families were living there. Henry Ellithorpe acquired over 300 acres of land known as Lot No.1, while Richard Tilliotson took up seventy-seven acres of Government land just above the Ellithorpe place. From that time to the present these names have been intimately associated with the history of the island and there has hardly been a public enterprise with which one or both of these names have not been intimately connected.

Henry Ellithorpe had the following children, all of whom spent their lives at Catawba Island. George, Cyrus, Russell and Emily, the last the wife of Clark Neal.

Russell Ellithorpe married the daughter of Richard Tilliotson, and he subsequently became owner of the old Tilliotson homestead, where he followed agriculture until his death in September, 1897. His wife passed away in 1898.

Mr. James Ellithorpe, the only child of Russell Ellithorpe, and a grandson of both Henry Ellithorpe and Richard Tilliotson, was born on Catawba Island March 10, 1857, and has always lived on the old homestead of his father and of his grandfather Tilliotson. After his father died he kept up the active operation and cultivation of the land, and he is now recognized as one of the largest peach growers on the entire island, having forty-six acres in that fruit. He is now ably assisted by his son, Vernon, born October 30,1890, who married Mabel Welch, born June 3,1893, a daughter of James Welch of Catawba Island. His two daughters are Muriel, born January 28, 1893, who is now traveling with a theatrical company; and Eola, born July 21, 1894, who married June Kline, a farmer in Danbury Township and is the mother of two children, Earnest, born March 23, 1914, and a baby daughter, named Millicent, born July 7,1915.

For many years the late Russell Ellithorpe served as trustee of Catawba Island, and James Ellithorpe has followed the political leanings of the family and is a stanch republican. He was one of the charter members of the Knights of Pythias Lodge at Port Clinton.


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