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(Most are located in Middle Bass, OH 43446, Area Code 419;

A Few are Based at Put-In-Bay)




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Important Phone Numbers (all in Area Code 419):
Ladd's Water Taxi 285-2236 or cell: (419) 366-1147
Lake Erie Utilities Company 285-5571
Middle Bass School 285-2813
Middle Bass Taxi Service 285-RIDE
Miller Boat Line 285-2421 or (800) 500-2421
Put-in-Bay Boat Line (Jet Express) 285-3491
Put-in-Bay Police (emergency)   911
Put-in-Bay Police (non-emergency)   285-4121
Put-in-Bay EMS (emergency) 911
Put-in-Bay EMS (non-emergency) 285-2401
Put-in-Bay Fire Dept. (emergency) 911
Put-in-Bay Airport - Port Authority 285-3371
Sonny-S Ferry (PIB to MB) 285-8774
U.S. Post Office (Margie Wolf) 285-3200
Winter Airboat Service 285-3106
Winter Airboat Service (freight) 285-2802
Where to Stay - Ile de Fleurs Cottages, Johnston's, The Middle Bass Island Inn (a bed and breakfast) and Sugar View Cottages all have great locations on the water with most rooms or cabins having a spectacular view of the lake. St. Hazards has a pool and restaurant and is the largest and newest of the four, but doesn't offer the lake views. There is no major hotel or motel on the island, and that's part of the charm.

285-2130, not operating in 2006=2009.

Middle Bass Campground  285-4403



Religious Services
Church of Middle Bass
Doug's Herbal Vinegar (+ Bicycle Rentals & More), 610 Fox Road  285-7115
Middle Bass General Store, 940 Fox Road   285-2608
Marinas - The major transient marina for visitors arriving by boat is the State Park Marina. Boat ramps are available at Burgundy Bay and Roesch's. Fuel is not available at any of these marinas, but can be obtained at Put-in-Bay, less than 2 miles from the above marinas.
Burgundy Bay Marina (Private; boat ramp open to the public)  

Middle Bass Island State Park Marina

For general inquiries or to contact the Park Manager, callers should contact the Lake Erie Islands State Park Office at Catawba by dialing 419-797-4530.

285-0311. Transient dock reservations can be made by calling the number between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday.


Middle Bass Island Yacht Club  www.mbiyc.com

(866) 738-0624

 or 285-5871

Hidden Harbor Marina (Schmidlin's; very small boats only; tiny ramp OK for jet skis, but not standard boats)  
Burgundy Bay Golf Club  
Real Estate


(877) 933-6195 

(800) 974-5184

Construction, Contracting, Architectural Design, Landscaping
Greg Auger & Sons, custom homes (Put-In-Bay) 285-7663


(800) 328-0615

Karl Schmidlin, Concrete Services 285-3813
MCM Construction, Inc., General Contractor, Commercial  285-2424
Middle Bass Lawn and Landscaping 285-4421


Listings here, without links, are free for island services. However, links other than the ferry and church links are a premium service. If you would like a listing, link and/or larger ad on this page, please contact us.


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