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2003 News Digest 

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 Current News or News Archives and Live News Feed



Middle Bass Celebration Day - More Pictures from 8/16/2003 - a LOT of pix of the Antique Car Parade, and more. December 30, 2003


Gull Island Lighthouse Discovered. I.e., we found out about it today while doing some research. Mohawk Island in Lake Erie, which we just learned about, used to be called Gull Island, and the Gull Island Lighthouse was built in 1848. See the links on the Lake Erie Islands page under Mohawk Island. December 29, 2003


2004 Middle Bass Wall Calendar Available - Check out the great new 2004 wall calendar with 13 Middle Bass pictures.


Remote Island Braces for Change - article about North Bass Island - Toledo Blade - December 22, 2003 


Driver in fatal accident begins serving jail term  Toledo Blade 12/16; Port Clinton News Herald 12/17 - December 16-17, 2003

Ottawa Co. officials critical of land sale - December 12, 2003


No court date yet in island crash - December 12, 2003. Also see our original article below from November 11.


State to buy 589 acres on North Bass Island Toledo Blade Cleveland Plain Dealer, Port Clinton News Herald and WHOITV.com articles - December 11, 2003


Christmas Gift Idea: $27,000 Waterfront Villa - November 20, 2003


The Fate of the Lonz Winery is ... Sealed November 13, 2003


Seiche Pictures of Storm on November 13, 2003


DUI Crash Injures 4, Causes Total Power Outage on Middle Bass and North Bass Islands.  Around 10:15PM on Tuesday Nov. 4, a car carrying 4 young people hit a pole opposite and just north of Aunt Irma's store. The driver, a 19-year-old woman working at St. Hazard's, was airlifted off the island and reportedly had a blood alcohol level of 0.28. The power was out 4 hours that night and 2 hours the following day. A power surge when the power was restored caused quite a bit of damage to numerous appliances in island households. The vehicle had been observed driving up and down Fox Rd. at high speed prior to the crash. - November 11, 2003


Kathryn L. Schneider and Lawrence Sheller elected to Middle Bass Local Board of Education - November 7, 2003


North Bass Island -- changes loom for tiny, isolated community - October 25, 2003


Fall Photo Album - October 17, 2003


More Pictures of the Old Lonz Home and Winery Ready to Tear Down - Pictures from 9/30 and 10/13. October 14, 2003


Compromise bill would use low-water boundary - not Middle Bass news, but important Lake Erie news. October 9, 2003

New Historical Items: 1992 Middle Island Article, and a great 1966 Rattlesnake Island Aerial View - October 2, 2003


ODNR's stand on shoreline land ownership explained - Sept. 23, 2003

Middle Bass Club Sunsets on Sept. 17 & 19, added Sept. 23, 2003


Fed's OK plan to save water snakes - Sept. 23, 2003


Snakes don't rattle 7-year-old - Story about Art Wolf of Middle Bass - Sept. 22, 2003


Pictures of Seiche Conditions - Sept. 19, 2003


Judge Awards MB Land to PIB Port Authority Sept. 10, 2003


Middle Bass Dock Co., Inc.'s groundbreaking ceremony for the Dock Expansion Project and its Celebration of 80 years service to Middle Bass Island residents and guests 1923-2003. Sept. 6, 2003


Pictures of and from Gibraltar Island - Sept. 6, 2003


Second Islander's Blog Link. When we added our Webmaster's Log we encouraged islanders to add their own blogs. Click on the above link to view the first one after my own, Lisa's Midddle Bass blog. Sept. 3, 2003


New Historical Images: Rehberg's Pleasure Hall and Count Rehberg (1890-1919), an Ad for the Golden Eagle Wine Cellars and an 1817 map of the Lake Erie Islands. This is the oldest map we have seen yet that shows the islands clearly. Also new 1905 images of the Golden Eagle Winde Cellars and Hotel Hill Crest - September 1, 2003


Partially submerged boat found at Sugar Is. - August 28, 2003


Former Tin Goose Pilot Harold Hauck Dies - Also see the picture of Harold (Hawkie) on Middle Bass here on the site. It's part of the Jim Bretz photo collection - August 27, 2003


MBI Classic Volleyball Grass Tournament - August 23, 2003


Middle Bass School Board Ballot for Nov. 4 Election - August 22, 2003


Fine Arts Festival Photos - Saturday, July 19Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27. Updated August 19, 2003


Woman slips, drowns on Rattlesnake - August 18, 2003


Pictures of Middle Bass Celebration Day - August 16, 2003

Picture Tour of the Middle Bass Club August 9, 2003


Photos of/from Rattlesnake Island August 9, 2003


Walleyes 5K Race Pictures August 9, 2003


Judge rules Put-in-Bay airport board entitled to small parcel of land on Middle Bass Port Clinton New Herald - July 29, 2003

Offerings still slim at newest state park - Toledo Blade - July 28, 2003


Hen and North Harbor Islands - New Pictures - July 25, 2003


Fine Arts Festival Gala - Pictures and Story of the benefit recital at the East Point Manor - July 20, 2003


Summer Sunrises and Sunsets - published July 17, 2003


Tall Ships passing Middle Bass - pictures. July 16, 2003


First suit filed in winery collapse is refiled July 12, 2003


Jim Bretz Photo Collection July 5, 2003


Lake Erie Water Snake Draft Recovery Plan Available. Public comment period expires Aug. 18 on this FWS document. Available online (88pp, 1.4MB PDF, includes lots of excellent island data), and can also be viewed at the Port Clinton Public Library and a few other places. See the Federal Register for availability info or the Reynoldsburg FWS site for a summary. Mostly an excellent document, it does become truly absurd in a few spots such as when it states "Landowners are encouraged to avoid mowing within 69 feet of the shoreline". If we listened to that, we wouldn't even be able to see the lake! ODNR guidelines at least suggest that mowing restrictions should apply only to high grass. Please review and send your comments. This is important for Middle Bass. July 4, 2003


Driver pleads no contest in double fatal Sentencing will be on July 28. - Fremont News Messenger, June 27, 2003 also see Port Clinton News Herald and Toledo Blade

1928 Lonz Winery Brochure Re-Published 4 page PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, great images, 944K - June 26, 2003


Fireworks over Perry's Monument - Create your own fireworks by clicking on the above link. The Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce increased their annual fireworks display from a $12,500 show to a $26,000 display this year to celebrate Ohio's 200th birthday, so the live display on July 4 should be the most spectacular one ever. - June 24, 2003


Plea change due in Middle Bass fatalities - June 24, 2003


My Aunt Irma's is Open - great pictures of the interior of the new store - June 23, 2003


Schoolhouse Bay Panorama - picture taken June 21, 2003


Father of motorcyclist killed in crash sues  - Toledo Blade and Port Clinton News Herald - June 14, 2003


Carp Crossing at the Kuehnle Wildlife Area, around 1986. We just (re-)found this picture, and decided we had to publish it. Also take a look at the 1959 E-Z Isle Hunt Club pin we just posted. May 23, 2003


Budget Constraints Snag State Park Plans May 11, 2003


Jury Awards $5000,000 in Lonz Suit May 10, 2003


Civil Trial Starts in Sandusky for Woman Injured in Lonz Accident May 1, 2003


The New Aunt Irma's Image from April 17.  Published May 1, 2003


Lake Erie Water Levels Forecast Link added on the Lake Erie Islands page. April 30, 2003


Cormorants are Here to Stay  Not About Middle Bass specifically, but a good island article. Toledo Blade. April 27, 2003


Bald Eagle's Nest in the Marsh And more Birds of Spring. April 23, 2003


Several New Historical Sketches of Islanders Added including one of Charles Schneider. See the Lake Erie Islanders page. April 8, 2003


Photos of Ice Party off North Bass between Middle Bass and North Bass, February 1, 2003. Posted April 4, 2003. Page layout changed April 6, 2003.


Fine Arts Festival 2003 - Dates Changed to July 18-27. Posted April 4, 2003


Lonz Winery Tragedy on the Discovery Channel 3/13 8PM, 3/13 11PM, 3/15 2PM. See the Toledo Blade 3/12, Toledo Blade 3/14, Port Clinton News Herald 3/12 and Port Clinton News Herald 3/21 articles


Miller Extending Dock at Catawba

News-Messenger A 100 foot extension to the dock is being built. February 22, 2003



20 Ice Anglers Rescued on Lake Erie Port Clinton News Herald, February 11, 2003. Follow-up on Feb. 12. Follow-up on Feb. 20.


Middle Bass Ice Fishing Pictures 

8 pages of pictures  - February 9, 2003


Put-in-Bay Ferries Could Face Security Checks News 5 February 7, 2003


The New Aunt Irma's February 6, 2003

The New Walleyes February 6, 2003


www.lakeerieislands.us The Lake Erie Islands links page on this site is now accessible directly via this URL. February 1, 2003





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