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2004 News  / Events / Public Notices -

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Check out the Webmaster's Log and the 2nd islander's log,  Lisa's Middle Bass Blog.


New Year's Party Dec. 31 in the Island Town Hall. The party starts with decorating of the hall at 10AM. New Year's Eve 7:30PM., BYOB and an appetizer or dessert. Enjoy breakfast/brunch and help clean the hall at 11:00AM New Year's Day. Bring a breakfast/brunch item. - December 7, 2004


Early Middle Bass Island Travelogue Added To Site. For a story about O. M. Spencer's visit to Middle Bass Island in 1793 (PDF, 41kb), click here. To my knowledge, this is the earliest recorded story of a visit to Middle Bass Island. - December 7, 2004


Vandal Sentenced. <name deleted>, 18, who committed numerous acts of vandalism on Middle Bass Island earlier this year, was sentenced on Nov. 12. - December 3, 2004


Mobsters on Rattlesnake Island. In 1955. At least, that's part of the story in The Godfather Returns, by Mark Winegardner, a new sequel to Mario Puzo's original The Godfather and available in all bookstores. - December 3, 2004


Historical Trivia. In 1903, Leonard Hering of North Bass Island (Isle St. George) was issued patent 726532 for a pessary. If you click on the link and then on the Images button, you will get the the first page of the patent. You can then use the arrows or other navigation to get the rest of the patent. To my knowledge, this is the only pre-1950 patent obtained by an island resident, albeit a somewhat bizarre one. Nothing in the historical record indicates whether Leonard Hering was a physician or whether this was developed for a particular person. - November 22, 2004


Middle Bass Island References in Academic Literature. Google's new academic research site at scholar.google.com went live today. so I added a link to Middle Bass hits on this new site. - November 18, 2004


Native Islander Henry Kuemmel Passes Away. Henry (Heinie) Conrad Kuemmel passed away earlier this AM at a nursing home just outside Indianapolis. Heinie was born on MB about 1916, went to grade school on the island, and high school in Sandusky. 

     He was in the Army in the Pacific during WWII.  After the war, he returned to MB to marry Beulah (who was the school teacher on the island for many years) & build his house (which still stands next door to Schneider).  He took over Kuemmel Fisheries when his father passed away in 1949, and fished until about 1970.  After retirement, he & his wife spent the winters in Tarpon Springs FL & the summers at MB.

     Funeral services will be at FOOS & Son funeral home in Belleview (419-483-5484) this Sat at 10:30.  Visitation will be Fri 2-4 and 6-8 PM. - November 17, 2004


New Real Estate Closing at the St. Hazard's Condos. See the last item on the page. When any island real estate closings show up on the news wire, we will link to them. - November 12, 2004


Island Construction and Fall Foliage Pictures - November 10, 2004


U.S. Coast Guard in Schoolhouse Bay - November 9, 2004


Jim Bretz is now recuperating in Green Springs near Fremont. After his auto accident in Port Clinton during the first week in October (see note posted Oct. 13 below), Jim was moved on Oct. 28 to the St. Francis Health Center (419-639-2626) in Green Springs for continued therapy. He is recovering slowly but has a long road ahead of him. - November 5, 2004


News From Islesboro, Maine Great article in today's NY Times about an island trying to become part of a different county to reduce taxes. There's no correlation between this and anything happening in the Lake Erie Islands, but it's a great article for any islanders anywhere to read. - November 5, 2004


How Many Islands Are There in Lake Erie? I've never seen a good printable list of all the islands, so I put one together (PDF, 65kb). I think it has a few surprises for most readers. - Originally 9/23/04, updated October 28, 2004 with one correction and one addition.


Middle Bass Island Satellite Image from Oct. 2000 - October 25, 2004


Gibraltar Island North Side - pictures taken 10/7/04 - October 20, 2004


Scenic Old Iron on Middle Bass Island - October 15, 2004


Vandalism Update - Sentencing is set for Nov. 12, 2004 - October 13, 2004


Islanders in Need of Prayers

Jim Bretz, a permanent resident of Middle Bass Island since his birth in 1926, is still in serious condition at the Medical College of Toledo after an auto accident in Port Clinton a week ago.

Ernie Hisey, our island realtor, school board member and Fine Arts Festival organizer, will be undergoing a serious operation next Monday.

Otto Kuemmel, who was born on the island in 1918 and lived here until he left for college in 1936, died this morning. He lived in White Lake, MI. His family operated the Kuemmel Fisheries on the island for many years and also grew grapes.


The diary of Otto's mother Anna, which contains a lot of early Middle Bass history, doesn't mention his birth in her one-page entry for 1918. But she mentions a very, very cold winter, and says that grape picking started on Sept. 12 and ended Oct. 20. She notes the World War I ceasefire on Nov. 11, and says that the lake was still not frozen on Christmas.

- October 13, 2004


Last Day of the Old Ferry Dock - Added 10/10 and updated 10/15. - October 9, 2004


More Sunrise and Sunset Pictures - October 8, 2004


Perry's Monument Now on Middle Bass Island according to the Mansfield News Journal, which got some major egg on their face with this article - October 6, 2004


New Middle Bass Island Panoramas - one of the torn down Johnstons' Cottages area, and another of Middle Bass Island from Parry's Monument - October 6, 2004


Petersen Woods Dedication - October 3, 2004


Vandalism Plea Change Being Made Today We received the following information from the Ottawa County Prosecutor's Office, Court of Common Pleas  about the [Middlebass Spray Paint Vandalism] dated 9-22-2004: "The above captioned case [State of Ohio vs. <vandal> (age 18)] is hereby assigned for plea change on 09/30/04 at 2:30 pm." Court records indicate that <vandal> entered a NOT GUILTY plea on about July 2, 2004. - September 30, 2004


Port authority, ferry lines receive homeland security grants - September 21, 2004


Reborn, Lake Erie Beckons Kayakers - Middle Bass Island mentioned in today's New York Times. For the full non-web electronic edition of the NY Times with more and better pictures with the story, go to www.newsstand.com and download today's issue. - September 10, 2004


Pictures of the Nor'easter - The Remnants of Hurricane Frances - plus a Burgundy Bay sunset the day after the storm- September 8-9, 2004


Do Your Middle Bass Trees Have Gypsy Moth Damage? Open House Meeting on South Bass 9/10. Apply by 9/15 for spraying next spring. - September 7, 2004


State gets $1M-plus for Middle Bass marina project - September 7, 2004


Antique Car Parade and Show - August 28, 2004


Construction of the New Dock - updated August 25, 2004


3rd Notice to Those Affected by May, 2004 Vandalism - (article deleted) August 24, 2004


2nd Annual "MBI Classic" Grass  Volleyball Tournament - August 21, 2004


Put-in-Bay GI Illness also Reported on Middle Bass - August 20, 2004

Also see the Ohio Dept. of Health site and the  notice from the Ohio Dept. of Health about this. Most of the problem apparently occurred during the first week of August. - August 24, 2004


Historic Island Pictures at the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library - Check out the new links on the Lake Erie Islands page for Middle Bass, Put-in-Bay, Catawba, West Sister & Turtle Island - August 10, 2004


More Pictures of the Seagull-Plane Accident Added - August 9, 2004


Walleyes 5K Race Pictures - August 7, 2004


$150,000 Grant for Middle Bass Island Airport - August 6, 2004


Island Oil Boom - Historical Articles from the 1901 Sandusky Daily Register - July 30, 2004


2 Boats Run Aground Near the State Park Marina Entrance - July 24, 2004


Fine Arts Festival 2004 - Pictures

Chamber Concert and Gala - July 17, 2004

Assorted Pictures - July 18-24, 2004

Children's Theater and Dance - July 24, 2004

Music and Dance Events - July 25, 2004


Middle Bass Island Historic Postcard Collage/Poster - for availability see the Artists' Weekend info in the right-hand column on this page. July 16, 2004


Redevelopment Plan for Johnston's Cottages - July 15, 2004


Middle Bass Dock Pictures, Early 1940s - July 15, 2004


Griffing Pilot Injured by Seagull Crashing Through Windshield on Final Approach to Middle Bass - also see the Lorain Morning Journal article and the News-Messenger article. July 9, 2004


Redfern to host Town Hall Meeting at Middle Bass at Noon on Saturday, July 10. - July 1, 2004


Middle Bass Island Nature Camp

to be held Aug. 9-11, 2004. A Camp For Children to Develop Knowledge and Appreciation of Nature on Middle Bass Island through Hands on Activities and Nature Crafts. Open to Middle Bass Residents and Family. Advance Registration is Required. - July 3, 2004


More Eagle Pictures - June 30, 2004


The Nina in Schoolhouse Bay - The most authentic replica of one of Columbus' ships makes her only stop in the islands at Middle Bass - June 29, 2004


Middle Bass Real Estate Prices rise less than on nearby islands We think this article is incorrect and is based on highly anecdotal and misleading data, but are linking to it anyways. - June 27, 2004


Miller Ferry Party in Schoolhouse Bay Pictures - June 26, 2004


State Unveils Plans for Middle Bass Marina The plan calls for 300 slips -- 200 transient and 100 seasonal. Assuming that most of the seasonal slips will be the slips badly needed by island residents, we are delighted. - June 25, 2004


Letter from Dairy Air - June 20, 2004


Water quality impacts of Middle Bass Island project topic of public hearing - Port Clinton News Herald - June 19, 2004


Storm Drops Tree Into Cemetery - Original pictures from June 11, 2004. More pictures added on June 24


More May, 2004 Wildlife Pictures May 27, 2004


Students Vandalize Middle Bass Airport, East Point Manor, and more, with Spray Paint on May 22 - May 23, 2004. Article and links last updated June 7, 2004.



2004 Fine Arts Festival Schedule  - click the title link for a detailed overview with pictures of the groups that will be performing. - Updated May 20 & 27, 2004, & June 21, 2004

View Calendar with times for events


View Detailed Schedule & Registration Forms for Classes & Events

  Sat. July 17 Benefit Gala
  Mon. July 19 Children's classes start
  Sat. July 24 Children perform
  Sun. July 25 Final Outdoor Event


A Bald Eagle and Eaglet on Middle Bass New Pictures including an eaglet - May 19, 2004


Middle Bass Zoning News This looks like a zoning change for Johnston's Cottages. - May 18, 2004


Ohio's 2004 Lake Erie Fishing Forecast - May 6, 2004


The Rockery at Wehrle's - Very nice Middle Bass picture from 1892, improperly identified as a Gibraltar picture because it was taken by Rev. Henry Cooke of Gibraltar. This was located at the site of the basketball courts on the hill on the east side of the Lonz Winery - May 4, 2004


North Bass Island Pictures - May 3, 2004


February Ice Fishing Catch by Wayne Winners - May 2, 2004


State Acquires 17 Acres of Middle Bass for Marina Expansion - The state agreed Wednesday to pay $3.3 million for 17 acres that officials plan to use as part of a marina. The property being bought is the Roesch land and marina. - April 23, 2004


Black Swamp Conservancy Buys 2 Acres of Petersen's Woods on Middle Bass - This is the swamp just west of  the marsh (Kuehnles' Wildlife Area). - April 23, 2004


Middle Bass Postcards at the Museum - When the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society at Put-in-Bay opens for the season, it will have a special display of Middle Bass items, and another one for the other islands. For a preview of a few of the rare postcards on display, click here - April 20, 2004


Water snake project among those funded  - April 12, 2004


Dock Project Update - A $628,500 project to extend the existing main dock on Middle Bass Island. Bids will be awarded in June with construction beginning in July. Completion date: End of 2004. March 18, 2004


Miller Boat Line begins service to South Bass - and Middle Bass. March 11, 2004

Gull Island Lighthouse Picture We just obtained a picture from a descendant of the original lighthouse keeper. February 25, 2004


$6M Government Grant to Help State Buy North Bass - On the North Country Trail site, there is also a nicer article with a picture if you click here and then go to the Feb. 23 news item. February 20 and 23, 2004


Eagles land on Middle Bass - article in the Port Clinton News Herald. The nest was there last year, but this is the first official report of eggs. For our pictures of the eagle and its nest, click on the "Ice Fishing ... and other winter pictures" link below, or click here for pictures.  There is also an article on the ODNR site- February 16, 2004


Ice Fishing Tournament Pictures from 2/14-15 and other winter pictures  from 2/14-16, including pictures of a bald eagle - February 16, 2004


Luau (Ice Party) Pictures from 2/13  - The luau was moved to the ice off St. Hazards on the east side of the island, on short notice. The wind was blowing at 30 knots from the west and the temperature was about 25 degrees so the ice near Sonny Schneider's house was not the place to hold the event. - February 13, 2004


Site Hits Increased Dramatically in 2003 - The data below shows how the popularity of this site is increasing. Our advanced data collection technique counts only actual page hits by browsers. It excludes hits by search engine spiders and the like, and also excludes hits to photo gallery thumbnails that just call up an image. So by most standards the real hits are actually higher. If we were to use the standard server-side hit statistics, or selling ads based on hits the way most sites do, our 2003 page hits total would be 943,000 as reported by our hosting provider. - January 30, 2004

  Year Page Hits
  2001 143,724
  2002 225,594
  2003 400,237


Pictures of 2 Postcards sent to North Bass Island, 1909-1910 - January 26, 2004


352 bald eagles in mid-winter count - incl. 1 on Middle Bass - Toledo Blade - January 25, 2004

State park plan behind schedule - Port Clinton News Herald. January 23, 2004


Great Lakes Ice Map (Erie, Huron, Ontario) - this link has also been added to the "Weather Links" page. January 12, 2004


New Airport Easements - Port Clinton - Judge Paul C. Moon granted a pair of aviation easements Friday to the Put-in-Bay Township Port Authority on a pair of properties on Middle Bass Island. George and Julianne Sedlak of Cleveland will be paid $40,500 for .26 acres of land in the Burgundy Bay subdivision. Delno and Beverly Shamp of Fairview Park will receive $11,500 for a .41 acre parcel in the Dutt subdivision. The port authority took the land via eminent domain and the landowners disputed their appraised property values. - January 10, 2004

Jay Cooke of Gibraltar Island Hunting on Middle Bass, ca. 1897. Picture added January 8, 2004


Humor on Video: Jack Qualman's Catawba friend Don Gulau on his last big ice fishing adventure between Miller's Dock and Mouse Island... (927KB) - January 8, 2004


2003 News


2005 Middle Bass Calendar Now Available

The calendar is available in the Middle Bass post office, or can be bought on the web by clicking on the above link. September 14, 2004


The limited edition Middle Bass Postcard Poster that was available at the artist's fair at Aunt Irma's at the beginning of August will be available again next summer. It is not available during the winter.






Lake Erie Islands: Sketches and Stories


Major new book about Lake Erie Islands History NOW AVAILABLE





Lonz of Middle Bass - Reprint/Update of 1982 book.

Both books are available at

My Aunt Irma's, Middle Bass


Johnston's, Middle Bass


Lake Erie Islands Historical Society, Put-in-Bay


Maritime Museum, Vermilion


Maritime Museum, Sandusky


Border's stores in the Cleveland area


Ottawa City General Store, Catawba Island


and at a number of other retail locations.


Or click on the link to order on the web.




Four Other Books in the Middle Bass Web Store - When did you last have the opportunity to buy 3 different books with "Middle Bass" in the original historical title (in addition to the Lonz of Middle Bass book mentioned above)? All 3 are reprints and have great pictures, but none of these has ever been reprinted before. The 4th is a Port Clinton reprint, but with a full-page ad for Wehrle's on Middle Bass that we have touched up and put on the back cover. Three of the books have LOTS of Put-in-Bay pictures. The books are also available at the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society on Put-in-Bay.


"Middle Bass, Ohio 1877-1977" Centennial Booklet from 1977.


"Lake Erie Islands: Put-in-Bay, Gibraltar, Middle Bass, Kelley's Etc." 1886 picture book.


"Nichol's Handy Guide Book to Put-in-Bay, Middle Bass and Kelley's Island", a delightful tourist guide from 1888, newly typeset.


"Illustrated Port Clinton and Environs" with sections on Port Clinton, Catawba and Put-in-Bay, and a full page ad for Wehrle's Hall. From 1898.









          The Webmaster Award



The Middle Bass Island State Park Newsletters and State Park Master Plan can fill you in on the status of the plans for the new park.


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